Our story

Founded in 1994 the first restaurant was introduced at 6752 Saint-Jacques, one of Montreal's iconic streets, with the vision of offering a little something more than the typical "fast food" restaurants! It's founder Mr. Markessinis would demonstrate a huge involvement in the day to day operations that holds true today after 27+ years in business spanning 8 locations! What sets the franchise apart from the rest is the ability to adapt locally to their customer's needs. A place where you can get some comfort food quickly!


Company Values

Dynamic structure

Our advantage comes from our ability to adjust demographically enabling us to stay current with our guests needs!

Great service

Our organisation and service methods speak for themselves. A testament to our longivity in your service!

Work with heart

Our passion is fueled by guest satisfaction!


The food

Fresh local produce

Buying our produce locally ensures freshness, quick turnover and little time on our shelves

Quick service

Experienced staff provide fast service while keeping the quality high!

Generous portions

We believe what keeps our guests coming back is our portion sizes. "A little more" goes a long way!



Join our family

Come see us at one of our locations or head to our contact page for your questions or comments!

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